Weather Data

Localized current and forecasted weather information available for any location in the world in 10 languages with icons.

  • More Details

    Localized weather can be provided by postal code, city name, or latitude/longitude. Celsius and Fahrenheit supported and weather status messages available in languages listed below. Many options available to pull the data for various periods such as current, hourly, every 3 hours, 12 hours or daily. Forecasts up to 13 days. Data includes: temperature, weather status phrase, 'feels like,' chance of precipitation, humidity, dew point, wind chill, heat index, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, sky cover, snow amount, precipitation amount, visibility, sunrise, sunset, and icon.

  • Location Based

    This content is location based and requires identification of a location by postal code, city, or lat/long. Data available for any city on the globe.

  • Audio Not Required

    No audio included. Intro graphic and music available with Flash Playback.

  • Size Formats

    This is an RSS or XML feed only. Integrate as a ticker or into a layout in your software, or hire us to create a custom Flash or HTML playback file for you. If you'd like plug-and-play visual weather, check out our Weather Graphics.

  • Refresh Frequency

    Weather data is updated every 15 minutes.

  • Recommended Loop Fill

    Choose to fill anywhere between 0:10 - 5:00 of your playlist. Or, display permanently in a sidebar or footer.

  • Playback Methods

    Delivery options include RSS or XML. Flash or HTML Playback design available for a cost.

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